Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ralph Lauren Essential- The Blazer

Ralph Lauren

I thank you for your crested blazers!

Ralph Lauren is synonymous with a sense of style coined to reflect his designs- we call it "The American Classic"  Nothing works better for Autumn-Winter-" OK I'm 20 minutes late for a meeting/ work- WTF shall I wear??? The answer is- The Ralph Lauren Crested Blazer.  I have 4 of these 2 black, 1 navy and 1 black with black white rope trim.  I first fell in love with the RL look, when I "borrowed" my mothers classic black crested blazer with gold buttons, by the end of the first day I wore it, I had received about 12 compliments on it- and I was wearing it in 2008- and it had been purchased in Bloomingdales in 1999.  That's another reason- military and schoolboy chic NEVER goes out of style.  Take a look at these looks put together by the fashion savvy stylists in LA and NY, see what I mean? How can you NOT invest in one of these blazers:
Happy hunting- is the best place for Blazer 1 and 2 (vintage styles) and photo 3 and 4- of course available at: and yes they ship worldwide.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Iconic Bodycon Skirt


I'm thinking this will be a great buy!

Gold Foil Bodycon Skirt

  • Price: £25.00
  • Colour: GOLD
  • Item code: 27S04AGLD

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn Booties

Faith Rowntree Cowgirl Boots

I find them perfect for autumn!
They hug the leg tightly- they are pull on, no zip rips to leggings or pantyhose. 
Plus they are an antiqued-distressed 100% genuine leather boot that will only look better with wear.  They come in brown and black and are mid calf length- so they show the most beautiful part of the calf, while still staying true to the illusion of a winter wear boot.  They look amazing with bear legs too- and can easily be worn with shorts, skirts, dresses, leggings,and skinnies, and just about everything else except legwarmers!

RRP £120.00
Now on Sale

Yeah you can thank me later!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

London Street Stylin Autumn 2011

London Street Stylin Autumn 2011

Amazing looks from women and girls around London:

Channelling Lanvin


So River Island have come up with some very Lanvin-esque pieces for Autumn-Winter 2011

The one shoulder Silk Dress retails for just 45 £

It comes in a fabulous
Yellow- 45£

and Bubblegum Pink- 45£

As GOK would say God Bless the British High Street!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Timeless Chic Bargains

Timeless Chic Bargains

All these items are available on in chanel vintage or on

Yummie vintage fur 1000$

Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage CC necklace 125$

Vintage Chanel Necklace $99

The whatgoesaroundcomesaround store !

Lucy In Disguise

Lucy in Disguise

Lilly Allen

The new shop, on Lexington Street in London’s Soho, is completely covered in gold sequins outside, making it pretty easy to spot. Like the old shop, the new LID store is big on vintage design features – a chic sofa, lovely mirrors and an old school telly which plays classic movies on loop.The collections are split into areas – the vintage telly area houses the LID ready-to-wear collections, for instance. The more recent vintage finds (70s and 80s) are situated towards the front of the store along with the Lucy in Disguise candles (created with Agent Provocateur perfumer Azzi Glasser), and the older pieces (40s and 50s) are at the back with a gorgeous accessories cabinet. 

Some of the beautiful LID collection:

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